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Another Studio的工作空间位于Lubotran St.公寓楼,也由工作室设计的。最初这个空间是作为120平方米的公寓设计的,现在已经拆除几乎所有的非承重墙体被改造成开放的工作室。

Another Studio’s workspace is located in the apartment building in Lubotran St., also designed by the studio. Initially planned as an apartment of 120 sq.m, the space has undergone a transformation into an open-plan studio by demolition of almost all non-load-bearing walls.

▼ Another Studio为自己工作室设计的工作空间,Another Studio’s workspace



Open libraries, glazing, a sliding door and white curtains are the elements defining, but not separating the different areas, all of which have a visual connection. The space accommodates 2 work areas with 5-7 positions, a corner for physical models, a meeting room, a small kitchen, a bathroom and 2 terraces.