Brand DNA Research

体验设计项目前期,通过对于企业文化的探询以及对用户及竞品的研究 ...


Every city is an inviting book, waiting for you to discover and create its stories.Cultural centers are then the blank page between chapters, and ‘the space’ creates a point that triggers you to reflect. The same principal applies in building designs.The spirit of the city Chengdu is a mixture of economy and historical culture, and the landmark building IFS Centre sets the tone for the future development for the city. The new 4000 sqm Yan You Ji flagship store at IFS Centre communicates its brand philosophy through the “Dream Making Factory” for the modern generation created by KARV One.  




Life is a one-way journey to the future.From “Poetic Lane” to “Starry Sky”, KARV One has created scenes for the city. With “Dream Making Factory”, KARV One the ‘dream maker’ intended to explore the possibility of a whole new concept that is unique and flexible yet at the same time still fits a commercial set up. The definition of a public space and a commercial space is artistically blurred out – it is between the two, but also much more than that.